Sponsorship Programs

Become a Sponsor

Looking for a way to help support the technical writing community and increase your brand’s awareness/promote your business, product, or services to over 1,300 technical communication professionals?  Become a sponsor!  STC Puget Sound is always looking for new sponsors and is offering the following sponsorship opportunities for the 2017-18 season:

  • Month-to-Month – For just $25 you can have your corporate logo appear on our website and newsletter for one month. This includes any additional MailChimp emails that go out during the month to remind participants of upcoming meetings or other activities (except workshops).
  • One-Time Direct Mail – For a mere $75, your company can create a mailing that we will send out to our 1300+ subscribers via our MailChimp newsletter and STC Puget Sound Meetup page. We don’t sell our names, but we will send out an email that says it is coming from both of us as if we were endorsing your offering.
  • Yearly – For only $120 your company can be a Permanent Sponsor. Permanent Sponsorship includes your logo on STC Puget Sound’s website and monthly newsletter as well as a listing on our Meetup page.
  • Workshop Sponsors – For companies willing to provide onsite training and use of their authoring, publishing, or other related tools we will add your logo to our website, newsletter, and direct mailings as well as a listing on our Meetup page—all for FREE. For instance, if you provide us with an evangelist to do a 4-6-hour workshop, we will do everything we can to promote your product.
  • Tailored Sponsorships – Let us work with you to tailor a special sponsorship option that works for you and your company.
  • If you have any other sponsorship ideas or want to learn more, contact pr@stc-psc.org.

To be a sponsor, we need the following items:

  • Logo (1000 x 1000 px max) We will scale it down as needed
  • Link to a corporate site
  • A paragraph about your company that we can add to our sponsor page.
  • Date(s) of sponsorship period

(For mailings) we need the content of mailing in HTML format with images saved as separate files as well as in the HTML document.