Programs you can use:

  • The Saturday Series – This is a series of free, introductory, 2-hour, free webinars usually held on the third Saturday of each month, and directed toward a newly graduated tech comm audience or a newly returning older audience and is intended to give them exposure to popular tools they might use in most jobs. Sessions are recorded and you can access the recorded sessions by clicking the links to the events. These classes are offered to anyone in STC through all chapters and presidents are encouraged to add them to their calendars.  To date we’ve taught the following sessions:

We will be adding new sessions on PowerPoint, Excel, and other applications in 2018 and are seeking additional presenters. The first three sessions were taught by the Seattle (Puget Sound Chapter) president but we’d love to have other chapters participate.

  • The Lone Lunch Series – This is a new, free series started in December of 2017 and is scheduled in the middle of each month for writers to meet online and to discuss a pre-agreed upon topic. The Puget Sound Chapter will host the meeting on our Zoom webinar tool, and the president will act as the moderator/facilitator but the meetings are open to everyone. Each month we’ll agree on next month’s topic and if a volunteer wants to present, that and the topic are voted on. Then, after the presentation and Q&A, the rest of the hour is open to any questions or conversations the attendees want to bring up. You must register for each month so we can track the registrations and actual attendance. We have the first three scheduled for the following dates from 12-1 pm: