Responsive Web Design: Tailoring Your Content to Fit Smaller Screens

*Due to web issues, we lost information on who authored this piece.  If this is your work, please let us know and we will give you publishing credit.* We’re faced with a greater number of devices today. Technical communicators must make their content easy to access on not only on desktop and laptop computers, but […]

Why Should I Care About DITA?

Source: TechWhirl DITA, Darwin Information Typing Architecture, is an XML-based standard that is used primarily for technical documentation and increasingly for other types of documentation too. If you’re not applying DITA as your documentation standard, then you’re working much more slowly and inefficiently than you ought to. DITA Saves Time If you and your writers […]

Changing Careers: From Book Editing to Technical Editing

Written by Leslie Brown I wanted to be a writer for most of my life, but with a college degree in creative writing, it wasn’t easy to find a job or a career. I knew it was wishful thinking to think I might someday become a successful novelist or poet. So what then? My career as a book […]