Membership in STC

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We are part of a larger organization, and some of our events are for members only. While you are able to obtain our newsletter and join us for local events such as chapter meetings, workshops, and other local events, sometimes, paid members get these event at lower prices.

There are other benefits for joining STC.

  • Fabulous online courses with respected professionals at discount prices
  • Other local networking opportunities
  • Lower registration costs for events such as our yearly Summit (coming to Seattle in 2020)!
  • Discounts on chapter meetings
  • Access to certificates in online technical writing programs (offered by STC)

In addition, you can compare membership levels and benefits  by clicking this button.

Support Your Local Puget Chapter If You Join!

If you do decide to become a member of our International chapter, please remember to name us as your local chapter. You can do this during checkout. You need to check the Puget Sound Chapter and we will be able to show you as a member, receive a portion of your membership fee to offset our local events and other expenses, and offer you discounts on chapter meetings and some webinars.

See also:

John Hedtke’s writing on why he feels it is of great value to pay his membership dues each year. Read: John Hedtke’s STC member essay“*

*John made us publish it as is!


Note: if you have an essay on why you feel STC is a great organization and why you feel people should pay to become a member, please do submit them to