Get Involved!


Like all other STC chapters, the Puget Sound chapter is run entirely by volunteers.

Volunteering is a great way to meet other technical communicators, build your network, and further your career. In general, volunteers spend about 10 hours or less on tasks each month, although it depends on the role and what chapter activities are planned. We have 8 chapter meetings every year. They are held on the third Tuesday of the month, and some are virtual. We also have board meetings on the first Tuesday of the month.

As a token of our appreciation, all volunteers can attend our events at no cost. It’s our way of thanking you for your time.

We are currently in need of help for these volunteer positions. If you’re interested and want to find out more, please email us.

Social Media Manager (2-3 hour commitment per mo)

This is an important position as you are responsible for notifying and attracting people to our chapter meetings and other events. Some of the skills you’ll learn are transferrable if you’re interested in a position that involves having knowledge of social media marketing.

  • Join a list of LinkedIn groups and post info on events to those groups on a monthly basis.
  • Post event information to our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages
  • Join our Meetup group and handle adding new events and sending out messages to members based on what is sent out on our MailChimp newsletter and other reminder emails.
  • Track analytics learn about event marketing.

Photographer (1/2 hour per mo)

  • Attend chapter meetings and take 2-3 photos
  • After meetings, email the photos to president at We encourage all members to do this if they attend any meeting or event.

Blog Posters

 If you are new tech writers, this is an opportunity for you to get publications credit in your field! We are looking for people to write short articles for our blog. Article ideas must be approved prior to submission and must be of interest to technical communicators.

Blog Manager

As needed, you would review blog submissions, work with authors to develop ideas and articles until they are of suitable quality, edit them, and approve them for posting. If you want, you can also be responsible for posting them online.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer positions typically run for one year (June to May). If you are interested in any of these positions or you would like to find out more, contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks for considering these openings and giving back to the profession that has given you a bright career.

Vice President

Time commitment: 4 hours per month; 2nd Thursday and 3rd Tuesday

We had an elected VP but they withdrew before fulfilling their duties, so we’re looking for a volunteer to step into replace our elected VP. Attend monthly board meetings (1 hour on 2nd Thurs per mo) and attend chapter meetings. Occasionally, special projects may require additional time, for example, when designing and conducting a survey.

Provide backup support to the President. Support chapter meetings, as appropriate. As a member of the communications team, contribute to communications strategy and execution plans. Want to improve your leadership opportunities? If so, consider this position. This is a great opportunity to work with the president in a way that you choose, in order to take on a special project and work together to develop your skills in that chosen area.

Programs Manager

Time commitment: 10 hours a month; 3rd Tuesday

Schedule speakers and topics for chapter meetings. Create Eventbrite events. Secure or coordinate venues for in-person events (one or two a year). Work with the Treasurer to coordinate expenses. Has anyone ever told you, you make a perfect party planner? If so, consider this position.

Competition Manager

No need presently.

Time commitment: 1 hour per month off season, 12 hours per month for 2 months.

Coordinate the Puget Sound chapter competition. Working within the guidelines and support provided by the STC national office, recruit judges, communicate expectations, invite and promote competitor entries, create awards ceremony.

Virtual Meeting Manager

No need presently.

Time commitment: 5 hours per month; 3rd Tuesday

Run virtual chapter meetings using Go-To-Meeting software. Update meeting slides, as needed. Distribute meeting information through Eventbrite. Send follow-up email to attendees giving them network chat information, the speaker’s presentation, and the recording of the meeting. Are you one of those closet broadcasters who thinks virtual meetings are all the rage and you enjoy running them? If so, consider this position.

Employment Manager

No need presently.

Time commitment: 10 hours per month; first Tuesday

Post job opportunities, references, and resumes for members looking for technical communication positions. Develop relationships with Puget Sound companies and agencies looking for technical communicators. Are you in-the-know about job openings and have contacts with recruiters and hiring managers that you want to share that with other STC members? If so, consider this position.

Education Manager – Combine with Community Manager

Time commitment: 10 hours per month;

Function as liaison between the schools and STC-PSC. Encourage students to get involved with STC-PSC. Establish mentoring program pairing professional writers with students (we have the materials to get started; we just need someone to implement it). Do you have a passion for students and mentoring? If so, consider this position.

Community Manager

Time commitment: 10 hours per month; day times common

Working with the chapter president, Promote and discuss the chapter, programs and the opportunity about what’s going on. Semi-retired with day or early evening time to reach out to college tech writing programs, corporations who hire tech writers. For extra credit, tell others how to be a brown bag leader.

Sponsorship Manager

Time commitment: 10 hours per month; 3rd Tuesday

Find new sponsors and renew existing sponsors. Make recommendations to increase the benefits of sponsorship. Do you have contacts with companies and individuals that would consider sponsoring STC-PSC or STC-PSC events? If so, consider this position.

Volunteer Coordinator

Time commitment: 8 hours per month

Find volunteers for all open positions. Develop descriptions for all positions, especially open positions. Work with the Programs Coordinator and the chapter leadership to understand requirements. Do you consider yourself a matchmaker where you can pair people with jobs? If so, consider this position.

Event Greeters, aka Meeting Greeters

Time commitment: 9 times per year; 3 hours per meeting; 3rd Tuesday of the month at in-person events

Greet people at in-person events and make them feel welcome. Frequently includes asking people to sign-in as they enter an event either on-paper or on a spreadsheet. Could also include collecting per-meeting entry fees and handing out name badge stickers. Are you a social butterfly who naturally make people feel at ease? If so, consider the position.

Hospitality Coordinator

Time commitment: 3 hours per month

Ensure that appropriate food, drinks or other meeting-specific accessories are ordered and delivered to the meeting site.

Web technical support

Time Commitment: varies as needed

Manage Google site map, troubleshoot malware, and other technical aspects of the local chapter web site, as needed.

Web site support

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month

Manage content updates of, the local chapter web site. As a member of the communications team, contribute to communications strategy and execution plans.

Newsletter support (MailChimp)

Time Commitment: 3 hours per month

Manage content and delivery of the local chapter newsletter. As a member of the communications team, contribute to communications strategy and execution plans.

Blog manager

Time Commitment: 3 hours per month

Manage content and features of the local chapter blog. Coordinate with other communications team members to match themes and timing. As a member of the communications team, contribute to communications strategy and execution plans. Cross post to relevant social media sites to increase visibility and engagement. Enlist writers (bloggers) and other content creators.


Time Commitment: 2-3x per year

Create original content as assigned by the blog manager or chapter president.