Webinar: Finding Work as an API Documentation Writer

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Note: This is offered by San Diego’s STC chapter but the price is great and the topic should be valuable as this is the same issue a lot of us are facing in Seattle, so I thought I’d offer it to our members.

Many current tech writing job postings ask for experience creating developer-oriented documentation. Although you’re not a developer, can you still cash in on this trend?

There’s a lot to like about writing for developers. If you are insatiably curious, enjoy explaining complexity without simplifying it, and want the respect of grateful geeks, you’ll benefit by exploring the possible synergies in this lucrative niche.

Andrew will help you make sense of this new territory, explaining:
•What’s different about developer documentation
•What proportion of a typical dev-doc job posting’s “requirements” is fantasy
•Which skills are in most demand
•Where to gain directly applicable experience, often for free
•How best to showcase relevant skills in your resume and portfolio
•How to convince developers to hire and support you

Warning: if you take Andrew’s advice, don’t be surprised at bidding wars for your services.


About Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis has recruited technical content developers in the SF Bay Area since 1995. He is a former software industry Technical Writer and has a reputation for both understanding and championing the role of content development. Andrew enjoys helping those who communicate complex information get ahead by recognizing and refining their value to technology companies. He’s candid, connected, and just as importantly, he likes to help tech industry workers achieve their goals and achieve independence from intermediaries.


Date: January 8
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Cost: $5
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