Taking Your Talk to a Tedx-Level Presentation Workshop

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If you have a desire to:

  • Become a skillful presenter,
  • Face down your stage fright from talking in front of an audience,
  • Learn fun methods to gain control of your talk and to control how your audience responds to your talk,

Then you should sign up for this fun, valuable workshop.

Date: August 3rd
Cost: $50
Presenter: Lin Laurie
University of Washington, Hall TBD

If you are really good at presenting, you can make a future for yourself in any number of careers.

If you’d like to take your presentation skills to the level of those people you see in a TEDx Talk. A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. They can also be independently run community talks to help share ideas from science to business to global issues to help spread ideas throughout the world. But whether you aspire to do your own TED Talk, being able to lift up your own presentation skills to their level is a valuable opportunity and we’re offering it to you. (Any one can sign up for this workshop. You don’t have to be a technical writer or STC member to attend this workshop.

TED talks have specific attributes: they are uplifting, have an emotional format, and can cause audiences to stand up and cheer at the end). If you long to have the skills to have that type of control over your audiences, then this is the workshop for you!

I was originally going to do this as a chapter meeting, but after thinking about it, I’d like to first do it as a workshop and then take the top two presenters and have them do their talk after I demonstrate the breakdown on how to do it, to show our members what it looks like when it’s done right. So we’ll follow up the workshop with a chapter meeting later.

What you will need to participate:

  • Bring a ten-minute talk on a technical topic that involved a struggle or breakdown where you can describe an obstacle(s) you faced and overcame. Your talk will describe how you overcame the obstacles, beat the odds, and in the end, you came out on top.
  • Be prepared to work on your talk in front of the room and to have your talk recorded so you can bring a finished version of it home with you or it will be available for you to download afterwards.
  • Bring an attitude of fun and adventure. We’ll be laughing at ourselves a lot through this experience.

If you have a desire to become a skillful presenter, face down your stage fright from talking in front of an audience, and learn fun methods to gain control of your talk to control how your audience responds in addition to all the other gains listed above, then you should sign up for this fun workshop.

You will learn to:

  • Break your talk into sections
  • Recognize the areas where you can begin building an emotional arch
  • Where to add inspirational and actional points into your talk
  • Speak with power and empathy, even when talking about tech subjects
  • Adding humor to your talk
  • Building to a moment by changing the tone of your voice
  • Keep your audience on the edge of their seats
  • Sound brilliant
  • End on a powerful note to get a standing ovation

I am taking this on as a personal challenge and want to work with others to not only increase my own skills but help others while taking on a crucial area of personal development for myself. We will take your talks apart and rewrite them so they fit into the format of a TEDx talk and then I’ll show you how to do everything listed above.

After the workshop, I will select two of you (I already have one volunteer) and you will do your talks after I give my talk on how to break any talk down at an upcoming chapter meeting.  That’s the best thing about the learn, teach, learn training philosophy.



Date: September 7
Time: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
Cost: $50
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University of WA – Hall TBD

4277 NE Stevens Way, Seattle, WA 98195
Seattle, WA 98195 United States

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  • 8:30-9 am - Socialize and continental breakfast
  • 9 - 1:30 pm (or class ends) work on the class)
  • Lunch - We'll break around noon but we won't leave the room to get anything. We can eat at our desk but take time to get to know classmates.
  • 1:30 or whenever class ends - help pick up the class