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Online Intro to Git and GitHub for Writers Workshop

Online Introduction to Git and GitHub for Writers Workshop

Technical writes are now often asked to write their documentation using the version control systems Git and GitHub. This is part of a philosophy called “Docs Like Code”, where documentation is handled with the same processes and using the same tools as code. Although Git is very powerful version control system, it is extremely non-intuitive, and it can be very confusing to use. There are many ways to host files using Git, but GitHub is the most popular.

This workshop will explain some of the basic concepts that Git uses and lead you through some hands-on exercises to get started using both Git and GitHub.

To do the exercises you will need:

  • A Windows or Mac laptop. (An iOS or Android device will not work.)
  • Git software installed on your Windows computer. (Git comes automatically with Mac.)
  • A free GitHub account

Date: Date: February 23rd, 2019

Time: 9 to 1 pm or completion.

Cost: $40

You will receive the link to the course after registering for the course.

Installing Git for Windows 10:

You can use Notepad as your text editor if you wish, but it may not update to changes automatically. If you want something more sophisticated, download Notepad++ at: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/. Click on Download on the left.

You will need to download the software called “Git Bash”.  Follow these steps:

1.      Go to https://git-scm.com/downloads and click on Windows

2.      Run the executable. It will ask several questions before installing.

a.      If you don’t see an editor you like to use in the dropdown list, you can choose Vim as your editor

b.      Choose Use Git from Git Bash only

c.       Choose Use the Open SSL library

d.      Choose Checkout Windows style, commit Unix style line endings

e.      Choose MinTTY

f.        Leave all extra options checked.

g.      Click Install

3.      You can check if it installed by running Git Bash. Type git –version and you should see your git version.


Get a free GitHub account at http://github.com.

About Our Presenter:

Peter Gruenbaum has taught for us before and is a very popular presenter, which is why we picked him for this course above other people we considered. He is the president of SDK Bridge, which specializes in API documentation. He founded the company to bring together his love of technology and writing. He has worked as an API writer to describe APIs for e-commerce, automobile traffic prediction, electric utilities, cameras, tractors, and cat humor sites, just to name a few. He has published four online courses on writing API documentation on the Udemy platform. Peter received his BA in Physics from the University of Chicago and his PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University.


Date: February 23, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost: $40
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  • 9 am to 1 pm class