Biggest Challenges for STC in 2017-18


We need you to share our events with your tech writer friends.

  • Invite them to our meetings
  • Let them know that we don’t charge a lot and we don’t restrict our events to members only

Invite the President to lunch:

  • Ask your tech writer friends to have lunch with me and I will come out and talk about the benefits of STC and what we offer those who attend
  • Introduce me to your manager and I’ll be happy to meet or talk by phone to see if I can generate support for your attendance
  • Help me connect with managers at the top tech companies in Seattle so I can help you attend meetings, get your dinners reimbursed, and possible get your membership paid for again by your employer.
  • Allow me to come onsite and speak with your tech writers and let them know why coming to our meetings would help them in their professional development as well as the many other ways they’d benefit from their association with our chapter.

Meeting Locations – How You Can Help

If you are a permanent employee:

  • Find out the rules for your organization on hosting outside meetings
  • Enroll your organization in agreeing to host 1 or more of our monthly meetings
  • Be willing to sponsor us for that meeting (which usually means you will have to attend)

If you are not a permanent employee, own the problem and reach out to your friends who are permanent employees and help us talk them into owning a meeting

Send an email to if you can help with either of our challenges!

Sponsor a Meeting Meal

Another way you can help is to sponsor a Chapter Meeting Meal. Meals usually cost approximately $150 a meeting. If you’d like to sponsor a chapter meeting meal, contact us and we’ll work with you to make that happen. Your name and company name will be featured in our newsletter and on our web site along with a link to your web site. And you’ll receive our deepest appreciation!