Design Your Document with CRAP

Technical writers are diligent wordsmiths focused on delivering purposeful content. We prioritize accuracy, grammar, and organization, so we may not think that we need to worry about the design of our documents. But good design is easier than you think. In fact, it’s as easy as CRAP. CRAP was coined by designer Robin Williams to […]

Tech comm trends: Providing value as a generalist in a sea of specialists (Part I)

Tom Johnson, is a technical writer at Amazon and a prolific blogger. I’ve been after him to speak at our chapter meetings when he visits Seattle, but so far, no luck. He lives in the Bay Area, but does visit Seattle pretty often as Seattle is headquarters for Amazon. Tom recently published an insightful article […]

Implementing QR Codes

Implementing QR Codes By Lin Laurie I recently had a need to create a QR code for a client who wanted a code to automatically create an email with content to send to a hair stylist at Google to request a hair appointment. I knew about them but had never created one before so I […]