2014 Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the scholarship award for 2014. We award $1000 to Clara Wing Lam, a senior at the University of Washington. Congratulations, Clara!

Clara is currently completing her degrees in Visual Communication Design and Marketing. She says both are challenging, but very exciting and rewarding.

This summer, Clara has been a fulltime UX design intern at Microsoft. Her work is focused on user experiences with mobile devices. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in UX design or corporate identity. You can see her profile at

2013 Scholarship Award

We awarded $1000 each to Kirk Turner from Western Washington University and Jonathan Anscher from the University of Washington. We awarded the MadCap Suite from MadCap Software to Rahul Mehan (a $1499 value). Congratulations to all the winners!

We also want to thank our sponsors, Adobe Corporation and MadCap Software, for their generous donations to the 2013 scholarship awards.