Stack Overflow Introduces Crowdsourced Documentation


A couple of weeks ago, a coworker sent a link to our company’s software documentation team.

“Thought this might be of interest,” he said.

It seemed both offhanded and ominous. When I clicked the link, the blog post’s headline definitely gave me pause: Introducing Stack Overflow Documentation Beta.

Stack Overflow, the eminently popular discussion site where programmers can ask and answer coding questions, is staking out new territory. It intends to be the go-to site for technical documentation. Crowdsourced technical documentation.

As Stack Overflow sees it, documentation “by most appearances stopped improving in 1996. We think, together, we can make it a lot better.” So at Stack Overflow Documentation, people can create and publish documentation that will be continually buffed and polished by the developer community. As on the Q&A site, quality answers can be up-voted, and contributors can earn reputation points and badges.

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