Summer Beach Reading for Techcomm Professionals

Summer Beach Reading for Techcomm Professionals

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You might not think of these eight books as ones you want to take along to the beach or on vacation, but take another look. We thought they were entertaining, as well as informative. Give one or two a read this summer, and let us know if you got a better tan while enhancing your career.

#Content Marketing Tweet Book: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Create and Market Compelling Content by Ambal Balakrishnan

Submerged in the world of content marketing? Learn how to create compelling content that your customers and prospective clients will love.

Klout for Dummies by Andrea Updyke

Need to grow your Klout Score? Learn how Klout works so you can use it to see how influential you are and how effective your content is.

The Art of SEO, 2nd edition by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola, and Rand Fishkin

Low SEO rankings on your content? Learn how to measure your success by tracking the results of changes you make to your site, big or small.

Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (and Everything You Build from Them) by Marcia Riefer Johnston

Want people to read your words? Learn how to write powerfully so they will want to.

Content strategy: Connecting the Dots Between Business, Brand, and Benefits by Noz Urbina and Rahel Bailie

Looking for content strategy case studies? Learn how to create, implement, sell, and maintain a content strategy by reading about those that are successful and those that aren’t.

Agile User Experience Design by Diana Brown

Swimming in UX waters? Find out which tools you need to stay afloat in an agile environment.

The Language of Content Strategy by Scott Abel, Rahel Bailie, and Marcia Riefer Johnston

Flummoxed by copious terms and definitions surrounding content strategy? This book gives 52 terms that are central to the emerging profession of content strategy.

The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing by Krista Van Laan

Want to take your career to the next level? Learn new skills for building or growing a successful career as a professional technical communicator.