Step Up to the Podium – Jan 16th

If you’ve ever watched a professional talk, like at Tacoma Tech Comm, and said, I can do that but weren’t sure if you had what it took to talk for 45 minutes in front of a room full of strangers, here’s a chance to take a baby step in that direction.

Sometimes, you talk in front of peers and it seems easy because you’re in your comfort zone, but when you face the deadpan faces of strangers, it doesn’t seem so easy any more. Trust me, I’ve been through it all and faced the fear head on. Most of the best, most comfortable speakers have done improv work. We won’t be doing that, but we’ll be giving you a small bit of experience in front of the room without making you fill 45-60 minutes of time.

We’re looking for 4-6 people who’d like to volunteer to step up to the podium and give a 10 minute talk on an area you think your fellow technical communicators would be interested in.

I will set up a time to work with you in December or early January to help you polish up your talk so you get some coaching in addition to the opportunity to have your chapter members support you in your professional growth and development. Sign up early for this opportunity.

For everyone else, please attend this meeting and support your friends and fellow technical communicators. Register to attend by clicking here.



All of these are good resources and all have different advice to give.

The best way to give a good presentation is to practice it!