STC – PSC Chapter Refund Policy

We’ve changed our policy now on how we accept payments and about offering refunds.

Because we order food in advance and often pay for rooms, and in order to keep the meeting fee capped at $10 we’ve decided to no longer process refunds. When you pay for your ticket through EventBrite, they take a fee. There is a very small window to process a refund through them to get the fee back and it puts too much pressure on us to do that. So if we can’t meet that window, we would then need to eat the fee (1/3 of the ticket) and have to contact you, get your address, and then have our bank send out a check. It is a lot of work for volunteer staff to do and since the meeting price is so inexpensive, we’ve decided to just not offer the refunds going forward except under the circumstances stated below. We hope you understand.

Chapter Meeting Events Attendee Cancellation Policy

The attendee cancellation policy for registration is as follows:


  • No refunds will be given for cancellation of registration to a chapter meeting.
  • The only exceptions to this rule  will be if the event is cancelled or if there is a switch of meeting topics because a presenter could not attend. In this situation, we will send out a change notice and expect to receive a refund request in writing within 48 hours of the notice if you decide you don’t want to attend.

Payments Now Accepted on EventBrite

We are also no longer going to accept checks at the door unless you come at the last minute. But we need to account for attendees for setup and for food and sometimes people register and because they haven’t paid, they don’t show and it causes us extra work to reconcile our records for depositing so we’re no longer going to accept them via EventBrite.

I hope you understand and it doesn’t impact your attendance at meetings. We’re just trying to take off some of the load of our volunteer staff so we can focus on bringing you great programs this year.

Special Events, Non-Chapter Meeting Events – Attendee Cancellation Policy

The attendee cancellation policy for registration is as follows:

There are no refunds for special events unless we’ve got a wait list and we can substitute someone in your place who actually attends the event and pays for it.

Please request assistance when you cannot make a special event in writing at least 10 days prior to the event (and the more time prior to the event, the better) and send it to

As we are starting to offer more workshops, field trips, and other events where we pay for the events up front or at least make a substantial deposit, we have to cover our costs by making these changes.