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When Is Writing Not Enough?

Written by Michael Benavidez I’ve participated in a wide variety of technical writing courses, seminars, and presentations as a way to break into the industry. The speakers I’ve heard come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but one common subject is that of change. Technical writer jobs today are not the same as they were ten or even […]

What is API Documentation?

By Peter Gruenbaum API documentation is a fast-growing segment of technical writing. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the way that software systems communicate with each other. What sets it apart from other types of documentation is that you are writing for an audience of software developers. APIs provide certain functionality, and software […]

Customizing Makes Personalizing Possible

The difference between “customizing” and “personalizing” can be confusing. Do you customize something to personalize it, or personalize something to customize it? The first is true. You customize something so it’s personalized. One of the reasons these terms aren’t always distinguishable is because personalization is relatively new in some areas. Personalized medicine is new. It uses genetics to […]