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A Summary of the 2016 Tech Comm Benchmarking Survey

The survey is an informal, web-based study that provides some insights into different technical communication subjects. The findings have been substantiated by percentage metrics of achievements and shortcomings, and healthy criticism of weaknesses within the industry. The content of the survey is organized under different categories distinguished by individual headings, fonts, and grids. This makes it more structured, but […]

Writing Agile

If you’ve documented software over the last five years, you’ve no doubt heard a bit (or a lot) about “Agile” software development. (If not, this Wikipedia page will get you started.) In contrast to more traditional models of development that emphasize sticking to a set plan and following a linear process until the entire project […]

Great free training through

If you aren’t familiar with the fantastic online tech training available on, you should definitely check it out. And if you have checked it out, you probably know it can be a bit spendy for a subscription. What I would like everyone in our Puget Sound community to be aware of is that […]