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Documentation and the Case for Better Navigation

Some of these ideas are from Mark Baker’s blog, Every Page is Page One. The first challenge of documentation is to get the user to use the product. It doesn’t matter how usable it is if it is so off-putting in appearance that no one tries to use it. Some of the things we document are […]

Words on a Website: Microcopy

The words used on a website are becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to the user experience. Words set the tone, voice, and brand personality of a site. It’s not just where the words are placed and how they are displayed, but what they actually say. This is called “microcopy.” Microcopy is the smallest […]

7 Common Grammar Myths You’ll Never Fall For Again

Source: Lindsay Kolowich, HubSpot Spelling and grammar matter. Consistently correct grammar makes content more credible, and could impact its presentation. But there’s a lot of conflicting advice about what things are (and aren’t) grammatically correct. Here are seven common grammar myths. Myth #1: You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition. Ending a sentence with […]