How To Work with SMEs and Not Lose Your Mind

On April 18th, Lin Laurie will present a lively and humorous talk called How To Work with SMEs and Not Lose Your Mind. She brings her years of experience working with quirky and sometimes nutty SMEs to the table and will offer you numerous ways to get what you need without going down the notorious SME rabbit hole of excessive details.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about these personality types and get tips on how to deal with each type to get what you need! Learn how to deal with:

  • Dave the Developer – A guy with very little time, lots of deliverables, and a disdain for tech writers who really aren’t technical. He doesn’t want to teach you to code in order to get you to document his work.
  • Rachel the Rabbit Holer – She’s detail-oriented, knows her subject, but wants to provide you with every detail of her topic, included tips and tricks when you want to focus on the basics. You’ll learn tips on how to pull her back up out of the detailed hole she wants to go into and get just the information you need so that you don’t end up spending extra time listening to her talk about information you just don’t need while leaving your relationship in good shape so you can go back to her when you might later need that depth of detail.
  • Percy the Project Manager – He is only concerned about deadlines and deliverables and is managing 5 projects. But you need to work closely with him to deliver communications about your projects, keep up with scheduling changes, and other project-related details. On the other hand, he wants to talk about everything wrong with the company, how he could change it all if he were in charge, and basically wants to take up your time talking about things you don’t care about. You need to figure out how to get along but not have your time wasted by listening to his agenda.

Lin provides real-life advice, then leaves you laughing with stories about when she was deeply embedded in the war zones of development at Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and other top companies. Often, even after fighting with SMEs to clarify projects with budgets ranging in the millions, Lin would find her documentation was an almost invisible speck at the bottom line of a list of deliverables. Rather than hyperventilating, Lin will show you how she’s been able to maintain her equilibrium and walk away with her head held high while remaining highly sought after for returning contract engagements.

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Speaker: Lin Laurie, owner of

Date: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Location: Blink

Address: 1011 Western Avenue #810, 8th floor, Seattle, WA 98104

Cost: $5.00

About the Speaker

Lin Laurie April 2017 SpeakerLin has been an instructional designer, trainer, and technical writer for many years, and is also an Adobe Technical Training Partner. She recently returned to the Pacific Northwest after living away for 13 years. You can learn more about her on her web site at

About Lin Laurie

Lin Laurie brings people and technology together to help businesses succeed. She is an Adobe Technical Training partner who offers professional, real-world, instructor-led training courses in RoboHelp and Captivate. She has also been providing consulting, training, and business process improvement analysis to some of world's most innovative and high-profile companies for more than 30 years. She recently relocated back to the Seattle area.
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