Great free training through

Great free training through

If you aren’t familiar with the fantastic online tech training available on, you should definitely check it out. And if you have checked it out, you probably know it can be a bit spendy for a subscription. What I would like everyone in our Puget Sound community to be aware of is that is free if you have a card from the King County Library System.

The way I found out about it was by talking to my local branch librarian when I was researching something. She exposed me to a host of online resources I had not been aware of, even though I am a regular library user.

Through you can get courses on Javascript, CSS, Usability Testing, FrameMaker, etc. A new course just popped up called Learn Camtasia: Advanced Tips and Tricks. I’m going to watch that one this week.

How to Access Free Lynda Courses

The first thing you need is a free member card from the King County Library. That gets you your unique number and you assign your own pin.

Use the KCLS web site menu. From Online Library, select Courses and Training. From the list of training providers, select This will take you to the organization portal:

Note: You can go directly to this link. I provided the KCLS steps in case you lose the bookmark.

Enter your library card number and PIN and you’re in. Enjoy all the great content!