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September 23rd Session 1: Introducing the Latest Version of SnagIt

Did you know you could create custom profiles and add settings like borders, image size reductions, and more?

With the new SnagIt, you quickly take high-quality images without first having to perform several additional steps after the capture? You can set up SnagIt to copy your screenshots directly into Word or other document without repetitious or tedious steps. Create your own customized profiles, automatically generate standard screen shots with borders and other effects, convert batches of graphics, customize your workspace, and more. Get a refresher on how to take screenshots, choose border settings, and learn best practices for using the tool.

Even if you’re an experienced SnagIt user, this course is guaranteed to teach you a few things you didn’t already know so it is worth checking out.

Note: Often, users confuse the length of time they’ve used a tool—Microsoft Word, for example—but never explored or expanded their knowledge of that tool. I taught an Advanced Word class at a junior college for five years, and I found that about 20% of the students who took that class were not at an advanced level.
If you use a tool repeatedly for 1 year or 20, but don’t advance in your understanding of the tool, you never become an advanced user, just an “experienced beginner.” That goes for any of the sessions above. For example, if you’ve used SnagIt, for years but never advanced beyond basic screen captures, then you should check out the class.

Even if you’re an experienced SnagIt user, this course is guaranteed to teach you some new tricks! Register

September 23 2017


Date: September 23, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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