Configuring Zoom

By Lin Laurie

Zoom is our online meeting tool. It works well if you know how to work with it. Here are instructions for new users to perform prior to attending their first zoom meeting. They should follow these instructions prior to first use or if they haven’t attended a zoom session in a month or more.

Using Zoom Successfully

These instructions are for new users.

Prior to your first Zoom meeting, or if you haven’t attended on in a month or longer, perform these steps to guarantee a great audio experience

1. Click on the link to your zoom meeting.

2. When you see the zoom icon at the bottom of your taskbar, click on it to test the audio options.

3. If you don’t get the option to test them directly, once in the meeting, you can hover your mouse over the bottom of the screen to see the options, and then click the arrow to the right of the Mute icon.

4. Select Audio Options.

5. Click the hypertext link “Test Computer Mic & Speakers” to begin testing your computer’s audio components.

Testing the Speaker

1. Click the Test Speaker button and verify that you can hear the speaker and you like the volume setting.

2. You can change it if you want to turn it up or down by using the slider button.

3. Click Stop when you are satisfied with your settings.

Testing the Audio

1. Click The Test Mic button and speak into the direction of your computer’s mic, (assuming you are connecting via VOIP.

2. After you speak, the test will play back the recording of your audio test and you can use the slider to adjust your audio settings.

Once you are happy with your settings and everything works successfully, you can close the Test Audio dialog box and exit the software until it is time for your meeting to begin.

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