Writing Agile


If you’ve documented software over the last five years, you’ve no doubt heard a bit (or a lot) about “Agile” software development. (If not, this Wikipedia page will get you started.) In contrast to more traditional models of development that emphasize sticking to a set plan and following a linear process until the entire project is completed, Agile favors iterative development and regular re-evaluation of the product to assess whether it’s successfully meeting its requirements.

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Charts with Pizzazz

Need to create presentations or technical documentation where you have to write about or show a lot of data? Want to use pie graphs, Venn diagrams, or bar charts, but not the run-of-the-mill variety? Move past Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, and expand your horizons into the world of online graph-making.

Here are a few chart-building tools that just might offer the pizzazz you need:


NPR, in their In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling Cars story, the writer used Chartbuilder to create this graph:


One more Chartbuilder example, where Digiday used it for this impactful line graph:



DIY Chart

One I created with the free version of DIY Chart (the advertisement on the bottom goes away if you upgrade to Premium).




The donut, a variation of a pie graph from web-based ChartGo.