Lucidchart Review

I was recently in the market for a new flow-charting tool. I’m budget-minded, so of course I wanted a Lucidcharttool loaded with essentials that didn’t cost too much. I also needed it to be intuitive and versatile. A friend recommended I check out Lucidchart, and what I found was much more than I expected from an $8.95 per month flowchart maker. I’m still exploring its many features.

Because I create process diagrams for my work as a technical writer, the tool has to be easy to work with. Optimally, it should require minimal fiddling around with sticky connectors. Lucidchart has this covered very well with libraries of shapes to drag and drop, along with cursor-drag connectors. Connecting the shapes is a slide-and-release move, and is also easy to use. The shapes library includes shapes that are designed for various industries, but not limited to processes, stream mapping, concepts, mockups, or wireframes.

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