Customizing Makes Personalizing Possible


The difference between “customizing” and “personalizing” can be confusing. Do you customize something to personalize it, or personalize something to customize it?

The first is true. You customize something so it’s personalized.

One of the reasons these terms aren’t always distinguishable is because personalization is relatively new in some areas.

Personalized medicine is new. It uses genetics to tailor a treatment that has been customized for each patient.

Personalized learning has been around for a long time. From the teacher’s perspective, personalization means designing learning experiences that provide students with choices they can make depending on their own needs.

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Charts with Pizzazz

Need to create presentations or technical documentation where you have to write about or show a lot of data? Want to use pie graphs, Venn diagrams, or bar charts, but not the run-of-the-mill variety? Move past Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, and expand your horizons into the world of online graph-making.

Here are a few chart-building tools that just might offer the pizzazz you need:


NPR, in their In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling Cars story, the writer used Chartbuilder to create this graph:


One more Chartbuilder example, where Digiday used it for this impactful line graph:



DIY Chart

One I created with the free version of DIY Chart (the advertisement on the bottom goes away if you upgrade to Premium).




The donut, a variation of a pie graph from web-based ChartGo.