The Punctuation Revolution

What happened to punctuation as we knew it? If you’ve been striving to use it properly in print, digital technology has changed the way we use it today. For example, we are more focused on word count than sentence structure. Even for the non-grammatically obsessed, deviations from the established rules of punctuation and grammar indicate a break […]

Is An Editor Still An Editor?

Has the editor’s role changed with technology? Do editors still have the same job to do? Technology has certainly changed some of the ways editors do their work and the types of documents they edit, but not the reason for editing. An editor’s goal is still the same: to improve communication. Depending on the industry and media, there […]

A Summary of the 2016 Tech Comm Benchmarking Survey

The survey is an informal, web-based study that provides some insights into different technical communication subjects. The findings have been substantiated by percentage metrics of achievements and shortcomings, and healthy criticism of weaknesses within the industry. The content of the survey is organized under different categories distinguished by individual headings, fonts, and grids. This makes it more structured, but […]