Session 2: Introducing SharePoint – Oct 21st (Free Webinar)

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October 21st from 10 AM to Noon PST

SharePoint is a collaborative environment that allows teams to share and manage documents across internet and intranets, and is popular in most top companies.

Learn how to navigate around in it, how to check files in and out, delete and add files, and some of its other basic functionality. This session will show you some other skills that will help you when you first use SharePoint. You should take this class if you’ve never seen a SharePoint site or if you want to increase your understanding of how they function.

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These classes will be open to STC National so you will need to sign-up quickly using Eventbrite, and because seating is limited, if you decide that you can’t attend, please release your ticket so someone else can attend in your place.

Session 3: Learn to Use Word Like a Boss! Nov 18th (Free Webinar)

For more information about the Saturday Series, see The Saturday Series

November 18th from 10 AM to Noon PST

Transform your basic Word skills into mastery.

Learn to generate a table of contents based on built-in styles, use styles, move styles between documents, add ctrl keys to styles, and much more. If you have been using Word for years but can’t auto-generate a table of contents or can’t change the look of your document by making a change to one style (basically 1-click) then you should attend this class! In addition, we’ll be doing some work with the index and TOC and showing you why you should turn off paragraph markers when you generate these items, and much more. This will be a jam-packed session!

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Trainers Note: I used to teach Advanced Word at a junior college for five years and I found that about 20% of the students who took that class were not of an advanced level. They confused the length of time they used Word with the level of user that they were. But if you use a tool repeatedly for 1 year or 20 but never advance in your understanding of the tool, you never become an advanced use, just an experienced beginner. That goes for any of the sessions above. If you have used SnagIt, for instance, for years but never advanced beyond basic screen capturing, then you should check out the class.


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